In a recent conversation with a client I mentioned how much I enjoy working with kids.  This person expressed with surprise that he didn’t realize that I worked with children.  I shared with him that I love working with kids because they are so responsive to treatment. In working with young people I love the potential that exists to support them in having resilient bodies that maintain their self-healing know-how and can respond to the challenges that life will bring them.  I also love the possibility of true prevention of disease rather than treating disease.

As healthcare professions we never can really know what may have been prevented through the work that we do. But by dealing with predispositions to disease and their early manifestations in a young and resilient person it is my belief that we are saving them from these issues building up over time and becoming obstacles that might be too heavy to address effectively later and simply become managed by medicine.

I must admit though that few parents bring their children in to see me solely to prevent future illness.  Most parents bring their children in to my office when there is something that is causing them difficulty or concern.  Here is a recent case of a 9 year old girl who’s mother brought her in to my office a month ago.

The mother tells me that her daughter has a life-long history of constipation. Sometimes she goes as long as 5 days without having a bowel movement.  At age 5 she started to have “leaks” and “soil her pants”.  This has shown up intermittently since then.  The issue got worse this past spring (It is now September) with leaking more frequently and the need to use a laxative every night to produce bowel movements.  This is when they decided to come in to my office as is was causing the girl a great deal of distress and embarrassment.

In the office that day I did some simple balancing for her that had to do with memories of having been scolded by her parents around holding her bowels, and a re-balancing of the left and right hemispheres of her brain.  I also gave her an herbal tea that is designed to support healthy liver function and digestion including regular bowel movements.

I checked in with them after 5 days and the mother said I thought I might jinx us if I emailed you news of an instant cure.  But things are incredibly better! ”  And 8 days after the session she wrote  There’s not been one leak since we started on the tea.  She seems a lot more comfortable.”  And 25 days after their visit she reported  CURED! where can I testify to your magic?”

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