Your breath nourishes your body.  Your breath cleanses your body.  Your breath balances your nervous system.  Your breath centers and grounds your energy.  Your breath can energize you or it can calm you down.  Your breath can lead you to presence in the moment.  Your breath can guide you to know your own truth.

How is your breath?  Is breathing comfortable, easy and natural for you or is it a challenge?  Is your breath deep or shallow?  Do you know how to lengthen or deepen your breath in a supportive and sustainable way?

I am so looking forward to the one-day retreat at Luminance this Sunday June 11th to give you the opportunity to pause and take the time to connect to your breath, to learn to work with your breath in a supportive way, and to use your breath to come closer to yourself, and in all of that to learn more about you.

Sunday’s retreat is from 10am to 4pm.  The day will unfold at a relaxed paced and the time will fly by!  Register Here.

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