I have just posted the re-mastered recording from my most recent Lumination – which you can access Here.  This was a very special process of dissolving constructs that contribute to our perceiving separation, guiding us into unity. Unity without begins with unity within. It makes me smile just writing that because of course in unity there is no within or without.

“Your heart field becomes like a reflecting pool

like a lake or a river

or an ocean

as you see into this reflecting pool of your heart

what you see is ever changing

always in motion

In this layer that we’re calling water

there is no viewer and viewed

there is this motion

and light

of fluidity and flow

that unifies you and this perceived other

there is no separation

no distinction

in the joy of itself

with never ending possibilities

never passing through the same moment twice

or in the same way

in joy

the movement through each and every moment

what sense does it make to still this process

to put it under a microscope

something that has already been moved through

in joy

held in that energy that is the vastness of time and space

come here frequently

to be held in this field of your energy

bathing in it 

you are meant to be free”

Laura Washington, ND

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