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“Luminance Yoga is an opportunity to gather your energy back into you and cultivate an inner clarity from which to live.” -Laura Washington, ND

Welcome to Luminance Yoga with Laura Washington ND. Classes are slowly paced and breath focused so that you can find your center and move from there.


Luminance Yoga with Laura Washington ND is available both Live and from our On-Demand Library.


How do I buy a package of classes instead of paying for one at time?

At the top of this page, underneath the photo, you will see “Join Me for Live Online Yoga Classes”.  Below that, and above “Choose Appointment” you will see a blue link that says “View Products and Packages”.  Click on that link which will reveal the class package options.

How do I sign up for class with a pre-paid package?
1) One way Is from your receipt from purchasing the class package (If you can’t find it do a search under “Acuity”). In it you will see a blue underlined “schedule”. When you click that you can schedule classes and it will apply your pre-payment.

2) If you go to my yoga page and click “Sign Up” for a class – on the next page near the “Pay Now” button it says “Redeem a Coupon or Code”. If you click on that it will ask you to enter either the coupon code or your email address (in which case it will bring up the coupon code automatically).


Can I schedule more than one class at a time?
Yes!  Here are the details.

Book as normal until it’s time to select an appointment start time. When you click a time, three options appear: Continue, which continues the normal booking process, Add a time, and Recurring.


Add a time

Add a time saves the selected time and displays it above the list of available times, so you can choose another appointment time. When you click Continue, you are taken to checkout, where you enter details and pay.


Recurring loads the menu for repeating appointments. Here you choos the frequency you want for the appointments and how many times you repeat. Next, click Add recurring times. Scheduling saves the repeating appointments and displays them above the list of available times. You can choose more appointments, or click Continue.

When you click Continue are taken to checkout, where you enter details and pay for all of the appointments.

What do I do if I signed up for a class but cannot attend it?


If you cannot attend a class that you have signed up for, follow these instructions. Go to your confirmation email. Click the blue button that says “Change/Cancel your Appointment” On the next page click either the blue button that says “Cancel” or the one labeled “Reschedule” as you prefer. If you choose to cancel, the payment will remain available for you to use next time you sign up for a class. 

If you cannot find your confirmation email I suggest searching your emails for “Acuity”.

What if I did not receive a link to join class?
If you did not receive an email to join class there are a few thing to check.

  • It is possible that you purchased a class package but did not actually sign up for a class.  So the receipt you received was for your payment – it does not include the link for class.  To sign up for each class that you want to attend go to that date on my website and click “Sign In”.  From there you can use your pre-paid classes, and you will receive a link to join the class.
  • It is also possible that the email went to your SPAM or Junk folder.  Check them – entering “Acuity” into the search bar.
What if two of us will be joining class from one computer?
There are a few ways to handle this.  Different couples/pairs have been handling this in different ways.  Clearly, If you are practicing in the same room, only one of you needs to log-in and use the link.
1) One person creates the account and signs in for the same class twice.  This will allow you to use one class package for both of you.
2) You each can create an account and both of you sign up for class. You would each need to pay separately.  You would just use one of the links.
3) If finances are an issue for anyone taking the class, it is fine for a couple or household to just sign up once 🙂
Laura discovered yoga and meditation in the late 1980′s as a source of relief from her chronic back pain.  As a dancer and movement instructor it was natural to enter teacher training and she began teaching in 1990.

Laura invested 25 years in consistent spiritual practice in Indian and Tibetan traditions.  Her teaching is influenced by this in-depth spiritual practice, her personal journey towards health, studies in dance, kinesiology, naturopathic  and energy medicine.

Laura’s classes are a great choice for those working with injury, pain, or physical limitation as well as for those wanting the experience of meditation within the context of a movement practice. The class environment supports you in expanding your experience of who you are.

Here’s what others say about yoga with Laura…

Laura is a skilled and compassionate teacher, and her love of yoga is inspiring. If I am tired when I arrive, I leave her class feeling energized. If I arrive feeling stressed, I leave calm. Although I’ve practiced with Laura for many years, I still learn something new from her each class. Laura provides imaginative and accessible cues to poses and demonstrates that laughter and asana go hand in hand. She instills in her students an appreciation of our breath and how we can use it to experience depth and expansiveness in our practice. I highly recommend Laura’s classes to yoga students at every level!
Robyn, January 2012

Studying yoga with Laura is one important way that I help myself stay healthy. Her classes are gentle and breath focused, and she fosters a very positive atmosphere. The asanas and stretches that she teaches are targeted and effective, and by the end of class I’m always less ‘stuck’ and ready for the rest of the day.
Nancy Davis, November 2011

Your class saved me today— it was nothing short of amazing and so are you! Every stretch felt like it was gently coaxing my body and particularly those back muscles to release. I thought maybe the pain would come back before the end of the day, but 12 hours later and I am still fine.  I am sure there is a great Sanskrit phrase to say this properly but thank you thank you thank you!
Wendy, December 2011

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