The question “What is Health?” is something I have spoken about in years past – discussing that I see health as something more than the absence of dis-ease but a state of it’s own to be cultivated.  Today I am taking that a step further and saying that the state of health has nothing to do with whether or not we have pain or injury or illness or a diagnosis of some sort.  Health can exist with or without symptoms.

To me, today, health is being with myself with whatever is – no matter what it is.  I do not have to label myself unhealthy because I have a physical limitation or a diagnosed disease.  I would consider it unhealthy for me to shut down, to close off parts of me to the experience of life.

Sometimes “being with what is” leads to “it” shifting or even disappearing but what I am suggesting is that making the “problem” go away is not actually the point.  The point is the being with because maintaining perfect physical and physiological function (i.e. no problems)  forever, is not likely – things will happen, but the act of being with is always an option and will get us through whatever life may bring.

Here is a short recording that includes an exercise to guide you through the process of being with.

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