I just made a delicious warm green shake and wanted to share the idea since in the colder months many people shy away from nutritional shakes because they tend to be cold.

I started by adding zucchini, green beans, lacinato kale, burdock root and asparagus to a pot of water and brought it to a boil.  I then scooped a bunch of the vegetables and liquid into the blender and blended.  There was lots more than I needed for my shake so I poured a cup of the pureed hot broth into a mug and drank that while I waited for the remainder to cool.

I wanted the green broth to cool before adding my Isalene Shake mix which has live enzymes that would be lost if the liquid is too hot.  Once the liquid had cooled close to body temperature I added two scoops of the shake mix which adds high quality protein, live enzymes, probiotics, and a very special mineral formula and mixed in the blender.

The result was delicious, warm and nourishing.  I am placing the remaining  cooked vegetables and broth in the refrigerator and using them for green shakes over the next couple of days cool or re-heated.

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