It is a common response to strong emotions, such as sadness and grief, to pop up out of the raw experience of the emotions into analyzing them, attempting to understand them, to categorize and compartmentalize them.  We then so often quickly jump into action based on the mental processing.  In doing this, we have abandon our actual experience.  

This is not in any way to say that action is inappropriate, but can our actions emerge from a place of clarity within?  When you stay with with your authentic experience/emotions you are in your power and a clarity is present that is undeniable. 

The Lumination from earlier this month that I called “Processing Our Collective Grief” supports you in staying with your authentic experience and living in and from there.  

As I listened to the remastered recording  I decided to change the name to “The Power of Your Emotions” which I feel more accurately describes the ongoing usefulness of the process.  

The remastered recording is now available for you to download.  Here is the link.  

I have scheduled the next Lumination for Tuesday June 23rd at a new time of 5:30pm PST.  You can sign up here.  Remember that if that time doesn’t work for you, sign up anyway and you will receive the recording shortly afterwards.

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