In my naturopathic practice people come in to my office for many different reasons.  One of the common reasons is anxiety.  This anxiety, for many, can be quite debilitating.

The first thing I look for is an underlying physiologic cause or contributing factor to the anxiety that can be addressed.  This may mean  nutritional or herbal  recommendations to specifically  support the the body processes needed by that individual.

In an office visit I most often also support the body and mind in rebalancing itself by activating healing pathways – similar to the way acupuncture works — only without needles.

I also find myself encouraging the person to cultivate being present in their own body as the place where their own clarity is alive and well.  The response I get frequently is “Yea, but how?”  Supporting the”how” is something I love to explore so today I made this short guided meditation.

This can be used in a moment when you find yourself stuck in a state of anxiety or it can be used as a daily meditation – a way of stepping into yourself – the place from which you can ride any and every wave.  I hope you find it useful!

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