This Lumination from September 22nd 2020 begins with deep detoxification with a clear understanding that we do this work not just for ourselves but for our larger ecosystem.  This deep, deep clearing creates more room inside of you to be filled with the nourishment that is you in support of the vital role you play in the larger ecosystem.  We then move into a process of discovering how our bodies communicate with us, how to cultivate that communication and to be guided powerfully from within.

“This is you

you have this much space

if what you sense is stillness rest in that stillness

if what you sense is motion follow that motion

this is the gift of life

that is being shown to you right now

this is the guidance from your body

practicing this authentic sensing and being with

from within you

whatever that next guidance is

it will come

It will present itself 

just as obviously as that ache or that pain 

whatever it was that initially captured your attention

from this space of authentically sensing 

what is right now and going to it 

following it 

staying with it

were practicing receiving the guidance and taking it 

and running with it

then when the next piece of guidance comes 

there is no doubt about what to do with it

we are very practiced at perceiving the guidance and responding to it

It can be very easy to think that 

being able to listen to yourself 

or to be guided from within 

is some kind of esoteric skill 

that some have and some don’t

that is what I am liking to clear up

It is only that we are ignoring the guidance 

because we are expecting it to be different than it is

its not hard to find

it is simply taking what is right with us right now

then the challenging part is working with the resistance

but I don’t like that 

I am going to try to find something else 

Take the gift

see what it really has to show you

discover it for the treasure that it is

notice when your brain is wanting to take over the process 

to understand it

let that clenching energy of your brain fall away

crack open

so that the sensation within you is apparent

feel it rather than understand it

feel it

sense it

its a beautiful journey

its a beautiful life”

Laura Washington ND

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