For healing to occur we need to be clear about what we really want and when we are willing to let something new emerge.  Two weeks ago I shared a visualization guiding you through an awareness of yourself as molecules in motion.  How the molecules show up as matter at any given moment has many variables.

As the quantum physicists have shown scientifically many times is that the outcome – the way the molecules show up as matter – is completely based on the expectation of the observer.  This means that if you or I have the expectation that a physical problem in the body (just as an example)  will still be there when we wake up in the morning then it most likely will.  When we are open to the possibility that the issue will be gone or changed or another reality such as health will be in its place then that is most likely.

Wishing for a change and truly holding the possibility that the change can occur are two different matters.  This week I share a visualization that I included in my yoga class earlier this week to facilitate a state in you that allows for the possibility of change.

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