Merging with the Source

Do you ever find yourself in a state of some kind of distress that you would like to shift but can’t seem to?  The distress might be physical tension or pain or perhaps it is thoughts such as fears or worry.  Today I created a 14 minute piece for you to listen to in such moments to help you create a shift in your state, to help you feel yourself as something other than pain or worry or distress.

This experiential is great when used as a quiet moment for yourself, or it can be a nice introduction to your own movement practice.  Meaning you can use this audio as a centering tool before you begin your yoga or tai chi or qi gong practice or whatever it is that you like to do for yourself for good health and sense of well being.

The practice in this audio is similar to the one I used in the yoga class I taught this morning.  If you would like to combine it with a similar yoga practice here is a link to my online yoga program.

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