People who utilize my services – naturopathic medicine, energy healing and yoga – pay for them out of pocket.  This means when their income decreases or is otherwise threatened (like now for so many), they are less likely to work with me. 

I  have an ongoing dream that those who want to work with me can – regardless of finances, and at the same time, I am able to meet my own financial responsibilities.

Now, in a small way, that has happened!  I am so happy to announce that I have received a $2,500 grant from the Portland Small Business Relief Fund.  This means I have $2,500 of services to provide at no cost to you – or maybe someone you know.  

This offer is open to all – those who have worked with me before and those who have not.  In keeping with the spirit of the grant, I want to make this easy for everyone.  

So here’s how it will work. I have made a coupon code PORTLANDPROSPERS.  From my website you schedule a service such as an Initial or Follow Up Session, or a Yoga Class, or a Lumination.  At checkout you simply use the coupon code PORTLANDPROSPERS.  The code will be active until the funds are all used.

I have already been asked “Can I use the coupon code to partially discount my visit but still pay something?”.  When you use the coupon code it will discount the full fee so your appointment or class will be free.  If you want to pay something, contact me before scheduling and we can finagle a partial payment and partial use of the grant.

All of my individual sessions and classes are now online through video conference. After you schedule you will receive an email confirmation with a link that you will use at the time of the appointment or class to join our meeting.  

This is a new world, exciting and confusing.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to move through it with you all.

Use the PORTLANDPROSPERS coupon for all online Services:

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