One of my clients is wanting to release some excess pounds.  The reason’s for his weight gain are many including side affects of medications, a highly stressful unfulfilling and sedentary job, inadequate sleep, emotional eating of comfort foods that are high in sugars and refined carbohydrates, and some long term health issues that have interfered with his ability to run which has been a life-long passion.

In the time that we have worked together he has done a fabulous job of eating more whole foods with an emphasis on vegetables (green smoothies work wonderfully for him), protein and good fats.  He is sleeping better and his energy has increased to where he is highly motivated to change his work situation.

I encouraged him to get outside and take walks as a way of easing back into movement and simultaneously getting some fresh air.  He has begun doing this, but is eager to get back to running but is afraid his body may not cooperate.

In our conversations on this he said what he wanted was “to run like a gazelle”.  We talked about how visualizing an activity can be a very effective part of preparing to do an activity physically.  Professional athletes commonly use this as a part of their training.  Visualizing a physical activity will engage the nervous system in the same way as doing the activity physically and will lead to the same changes in coordination, strength and stamina needed to perform the activity.

To prepare him for running and quench his desire for more connection to nature I created an MP3 called Running Like a Gazelle.   He reports loving using the MP3, that it helps him feel calm, helps him sleep, and… well, makes him feel wonderful.

So I decided to share the MP3 with others who may want to feel wonderful as well. If you have been listening in to my calls or call recordings you know how important I believe it is to connect to yourself to have true health.  I have offered several different ways of doing that in the calls.  The visualization offered here is yet another way to feel and connect to your deepest essence and be your own best resource.

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