I am very excited about the launch of Seaside Cleanse Camps (for details visit the Cleanse Camp).  In a recent email from my partner in this endeavor, she described it as an opportunity to:

  1. Go to the beach.
  2. Do nothing except RELAX, cleanse, LEARN, laugh, stretch, meet new people and perhaps make new friends.
  3. Be ABLE to talk FREELY to a naturopathic physician in a RELAXED and UNHURRIED setting
  4. Not cook
  5. Not clean

“ALL for a reasonable price….and a steal compared to OTHER programs that are out there.”

The Nutritional Cleansing tool that will be shared and experienced has so many benefits. It is often promoted as a weight-loss tool.  Really, it is a healthy lifestyle tool with a side benefit of very effective, long lasting weight loss.

Some of the other benefits experienced by cleansers are equally life changing. More energy, better sleep, improved moods, freedom from cravings, and more.

A client of mine who just finished a 9-day cleanse was so amazed at how much her moods had improved.  Prior to the cleanse she felt deeply distressed with situations in her life.  She did the cleanse hoping to gain the energy to deal with these situations.  Post cleanse,  she no longer sees that there are distressing situations that need to be dealt with.  Wow!

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