As we move into 2020 I find myself making another big and unexpected shift


When closing the physical home to Luminance first became a reality I didn’t know what direction I would be heading into next.  I was ready to spend as much time as was needed for the next step to emerge. The new form for my work presented itself sooner than I expected.  I am going to be working primarily remotely, meaning by phone or video calls.

I have been working with clients remotely for over 10 years but never actually promoted it.  The remote sessions generally took place with clients who moved outside of Portland or out of state, or who otherwise had challenges getting to my physical location.

The feedback about these sessions has always been very positive, and I am now happy to extend them to more people.  

If you have not yet experienced a remote session, I understand that it can be challenging to conceptualize how they work.  Interestingly, remote sessions are just as effective as those in-person, or sometimes even more so, with the added benefit of not having to make the trip to the office.

“I have been ‘seeing’ Laura Washington for a number of years now, and when I moved to Arizona, I was delighted to discover I could still have phone consults with her. I was skeptical at first, wondering about the distance, but the phone sessions have proved just as valuable for me. She is a skilled healer, whether by phone, or in person. Her intuition and ability to tune in is amazing. I highly recommend her!!!”  Nikki Broadwell 2019

Details about my remote sessions are available on the Luminance Offerings Page.

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