On last week’s call I spoke about what was exciting me and it was related to the people I see in my office and what I see happening for them, and that really does excite me.  I enjoy what I do every day so much.  But I am actually excited about so many things right now that I thought I would continue this theme of sharing what I am excited about and one of them is healthy joints and relieving joint pain.

I see so many people in my office with musculoskeletal pain.  It is really nice when we can find the root cause of pain and address that and see the pain go away.  This interest right now has come up because of my own hip pain that had become quite debilitating.  On today’s call I share a bit about my own recent journey and remedies I recommend in my office for joint pain due to arthritis.  The discussion of joint health is followed by a meditation that supports you in clarifying what it is that you really want and utilizing the resources that are available to you.  Today’s call is split into two sections due to the idiosyncrasies of technology so be sure to follow both links.  Here is the second half of the call.

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