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Dr. Laura Washington of Luminance Health

Laura Washington is a naturopathic physician specializing in mind/body approaches to healing. For over 30 years she has worked from the perspective of the unified organism that is the mind, body, and consciousness.  This practice is the art of healing through wholeness.  Her approaches include tools from yoga and meditation, The BodyTalk System, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and emotional processing techniques.  

Additionally, Dr. Washington focuses on the foundations of health by addressing food and environmental allergies, the body’s microbiome, and nervous system regulation.   All of her work is designed to increase your resiliency and capacity to meet your life.

Her tools include allergy desensitization oral drops, targeted herbal and nutritional medicine, classical homeopathy, and, when in person, hands on healing with foundations in Somatic Re-education & Cranial Sacral techniques.

Dr. Washington has a well developed capacity for holding space for healing with a high regard for the uniqueness of each individual’s process. Laura is an in-network provider with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and Uniform Health Plan.

She and her husband moved to Port Townsend, WA from Portland, OR in June 2022 and are so happy and grateful to call this beautiful place home.

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Hello Laura, 

Thank you  so much for you presence during our session. I found both your knowledge and your willingness, ability to hang in there through the whole process to be very rare.  

It is not easy to stay with someones deepest trauma while they unwind from it, I have tried many who were known to be the best in their field yet I never had the experience of the space being held through the whole experience and with a process so complete in its body knowledge of release.  What an enormous gift this was, is.  

I had been so weak for weeks prior to the session that I could not do much more than be upright for 20 minutes while sitting and dizzy when I stood up or walked.  After our session I came back home, ate lunch and took my granddaughter’s dog for a lovely summer walk for a whole hour.  I napped deeply afterwards, as though  my cells were recalibrating, logging into a freer, easier connection with each other. 

BB September 2013

The first time I went to see Laura Washington in her Northwest Portland clinic, she asked me what I hoped for in her care. I told her I want to be able to eat like a normal person.  After three decades of increasing food allergies and intolerances, I’d stopped eating at other people’s homes, and restaurants felt like minefields.

I’m a fit 63 years old, a regular at the yoga studio and gym.  But I was always tired.  I’d left a great job because of frequent illness.  And I’d become isolated.  Six months after that first visit, I’m making a tour of the Portland food carts.  Pizza!  Banh Mi! I can accept dinner invitations without asking if I can bring my own meal.

Unlike naturopaths I worked with in the past, Laura doesn’t reinforce my fear of food.  She doesn’t load me up with expensive tablets and tonics.  Her technique is hard to describe.  If I hadn’t enjoyed a life-changing recovery under her care, I might be skeptical of the practices she favors. And it’s not just the food. There’s the renewed energy, and the idea of myself as open to possibility.  Laura is teaching me, the physical and emotional me, to let go of fear, to rebuild my relationship to food and to the world altogether based on an attitude of friendliness and workability.

She has a gift, I believe.  She has a joyful wisdom.  When I go to my appointments, my husband always says, “Thank Laura for me.”

Thank you, Laura. 

W.R. February 2014

Chronic pain has almost always been a part of my life.  I live with it the best I can and try to stay focused on my many blessings.  However feeling bad day after day made me decide it was time to see if there were other options than the ones presented to me by MD’s.  I suffer from IBS, endometriosis, sinus headaches and joint pain.  My MD’s always prescribe prescription drugs to help decrease the pain but the problem is you have to keep taking the medicine and they have multiple side effects that you then have to live with.  And even more depressing is the way a person with chronic pain is cared for.  No one wants to listen to a complainer and therefore you are expected to ‘just live with it’.

I attended Laura Washington’s Health as a State of Dynamic Balance workshop because I was ready to make a positive change in my life.  Within just a few minutes of the workshop I knew I was going to schedule a consultation with Laura.  The concept of focusing on wellness with a Naturopathic Physician verses  the traditional form of treatment for an ‘illness’ made perfect sense to me.

The results have been incredible!  I am not kidding when I say my symptoms from IBS were  resolved almost immediately.  I am continuing to work with Laura to address the other areas as well.  In addition to the success I have found from working with Laura I also find that her warm and friendly style is quite refreshing.  She is easy to talk to and very supportive.  Plus I personally find it is easier to stay motivated when you are working in partnership with someone who cares. 

Jenny Gallagher September 2005

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