These times!!!   We are being brought to the front lines of our own lives each day.  How are you doing with that?  There are so many ways that we can approach this moment.

One is avoid – go hide in a shell – don’t want to deal with it.  Another is to try to figure out answers, potentially getting caught up in the answers that are being presented outside of us that may or may not authentically resonate.  

Another is to really feel it –  That is meeting yourself right where you are.  What if the uncomfortable emotions or sensations you are experiencing are the perfect response to what is happening around you.  Can you allow yourself have the emotion and experience, to be at that edge that it is bringing you to the place that is where your life is?  

This Lumination is in support of meeting our life experience and rising to the challenge to use it for our own evolution.

Here we give ourselves more space to move around and spread out in.  In finding the spaciousness within we give ourselves the opportunity to see more possibilities and more options – options in how we think of our selves and our bodies and how we understand ourselves in relationship to the whole. 

Here is the link to the re-mastered recording
Increasing Options and Possibilities

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