A doctor I studied with years ago said about himself “I specialize in cases that are difficult for others but easy for me”.  I  studied his technique and so I too find those previously difficult cases to generally be easy.  I don’t tend to use a single sentence to describe my specialty, but right now I would say “I specialize in giving hope to those who have none”.

Of course, not everyone who walks into my office feels hopeless, but some do and in these situations there is nothing as wonderful as seeing the door swing open.

Have you ever felt like your efforts to improve your health and move forward feel like running into a brick wall?  Have you had the experience of making progress but then that progress gets cut off, doesn’t last for long, or is inconsistent?  Have you felt like your body just can’t change, feeling stuck and hopeless?  In the recording below I discuss causes of these phenomenon and how they can be addressed and hope can be found.  The final 12 minutes are an experiential way of opening up the body’s responsiveness and self healing capacities.  You can listen to the recording by calling 712-432-1202 Access code: 925051 reference #19 or download here.

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