Earlier today a client and I got talking about painful heel cracks.  I told her about the success I have personally had using castor oil.  It reminded me that this remedy is in my book Herbal Medicine for Health and Well-Being (Sterling 2004).  Since that book is in limited supply, I thought I would share what I wrote here.

“Castor oil is thick and beautifully healing to dried cracked skin.  I recently had a very painful crack in my heel that made it extremely difficult for my foot to bear weight.  I put castor oil on a large adhesive bandage and put it over the heel crack.  I covered the bandage with a sock and went to bed.  In the morning, the heel was much less painful and I could put weight on it and walk almost completely normally.  I continued to use the castor oil bandage under my sock day and night.  Within 3 days, the crack was completely healed.”

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