One of my many interests for this year is to support people in achieving and maintaining a healthy blood pressure without the use of potentially hazardous medications.  High blood pressure, along with high cholesterol, and diabetes are considered risk factors for heart disease and are therefore aggressively treated with very strong medications that are generally recommended to be used for life.

Studies have shown repeatedly that treating the risk factors is ineffective in reducing death rates. To the contrary, overall deaths increase in people with high blood pressure who are treated with medication.

Eating whole foods is one of the simple ways to naturally reduce blood pressure.  Additionally, whole food concentrates and other phytonutrient extracts (herbal extracts) beautifully normalize blood pressure while offering the body all kinds of side benefits rather than the side affects of pharmaceutical drugs.

If you want to explore this area for yourself, I am very happy to be a resource.  You can call in to my Health and Wellness call (See my audios page) or send me an email ( to get started.

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