I believe that the life path that unfolds infront of each of us provides the perfect opportunities that lead us to our unique life expression. Let me interject that the word “opportunities” could be exchanged with “challenges”. 

While the word “opportunities” may evoke visions of a life filled with roses and sunshine, “challenges” may not be interpreted quite so cheerily.  Yet really, our challenges are our greatest opportunities.

In my early life I found joy through movement and sound (I spent my youth singing and dancing), and life simultaneously offered challenges to my health. Those challenges led me down a path of exploring the essence of health, and along the way I have continued to be drawn to the roles of movement and sound in creating that health.  

Early in this year, I discovered a little-know health and wellness technology – Sonic Whole Body Vibration.  This is a tool that uses sound waves to create movement/vibration throughout the body. I dove deeply into using this tool myself and knew immediately that I wanted to share it at Luminance. I am so happy to announce that Sonic Vibration is here!  


There was more to this post that seems to refuse to save so to read more here is a link to our Sonic WBV page.

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