As you can read in my post on Healthy Sodas, I just returned from my summer vacation.  In addition to the family reunion, my husband and I went on a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps of Northern California.  We were surrounded by absolute stunning beauty that positively and powerfully shifted my disposition.

We found that a few health and wellness products were easy to take with us and were a real essential part of our experience.  I thought I would tell you about them here as they may also support you in having a great summer.

The combination of hot weather and physical activity can deplete the body of essential electrolytes that support  proper hydration.  Re-hydrating or maintaining hydration is best accomplished with more than just plain water.  The lacto-fermented beverages that I mention in my article on Healthy Sodas is a great way to support proper hydration, but not always practical.

Far more convenient, are product powders that you can simply add to water.  Here are some of my favorites due to their high quality ingredients and absence of chemical colorings or preservatives.

First is Want more Energy by Isagenix.  This is an electrolyte replacement drink that comes in convenient individual-sized serving packets that can easily be added to a glass or bottle of water.  We relied heavily on this on our trip into the wilderness. My favorite is the citrus flavor which is a yummy lemon-lime.

We love to stop for lunch when hiking or backpacking and combine a pack of citrus Want More Energy with a scoop of Isagenix Greens.  The combination feels doubly re-hydrating and satisfying.

The Isagenix Greens is a way to get the equivalent of 10 servings of vegetables in a delicious, easy to prepare beverage.  Since backpacking with the ingredients to make a great-big salad would be difficult, we count on the greens to keep us covered.

The final product that we really appreciated on our trip was the Isagenix powdered Ionix Supreme.  Ionix Supreme is sometimes called “The Rejuvenator”.  It is packed with nutritious herbs that replenish the body’s electrolytes after physical exertion as well as promoting strength, stamina, and restful sleep.

On our trip we used Ionix Supreme as a hot beverage first thing in the morning, and as a kind-of dessert/after-dinner-drink before bed.  We had some of our best ever night’s of sleep out under the stars!

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