As you may know, I recently began to offer group healing sessions that I am calling “Explorations in Healing”.  These one-hour sessions are like the individual sessions that I do in my naturopathic practice in that they are an opportunity for your nervous system to be balanced and optimize your body’s self healing.  The difference is that rather than just you and me in the room – there is a group of people.

Some people think that a group session might be less potent than an individual one.  That is not necessarily the case.  Group sessions can actually be more potent than individual sessions because the energy frequencies we work with are magnified by each person participating.  Because of that magnification, group sessions can actually take us deeper, and closer to the root of the imbalance.  The change that takes place can be much further reaching.

Another benefit of a group session is that is less expensive than an individual one, making it something that you can perhaps do more frequently.  Frequent upgrades to the nervous system go a very long way towards optimizing health.

Can’t or don’t want to try to get to Luminance during rush hour, or perhaps you live outside of Portland.  Good news.  You are welcome to join these Explorations in Healing by calling into my conference line.  Yes, these sessions are potent even (or especially) at a distance.  To join by phone simply sign up for the Exploration in Healing here and you will receive an email confirmation with the call-in information.

Interested but unsure?  You are absolutely welcome to try out one session for $16.00.  If you attend other classes at Luminance you can use your existing class package!

Please contact me if you have questions.  I would love for you to participate.  All are welcome!  You do not have to be a client or student of mine to participate.  Bring your friends and family.

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