I am looking forward to August 20, 2013 when I will teach yoga to a dozen middle-school-aged girls at the first full session of App Camp for Girls.  Teaching at June’s beta test camp was incredibly fun.  The girls were thoroughly engaged and excited about what yoga can do for them.

As budding software developers the girls, as young as they are, could all relate to the postural issues and physical strain and discomfort of long hours spent sitting in front of a computer.  We talked about how rounded shoulders and forward head lead to neck strain and actually contribute to a decrease in the flow of blood to the brain which can lead to fatigue and mental fog.

We also talked about how a slumped posture sitting in a chair can contribute to low back pain.  We then did some simple yoga movements in about 20 minutes that addressed all of these issues.  Afterwards the campers reported feeling relaxed, calm and more at ease in their bodies.  I was happy to be able to offer the campers access to my online yoga course which includes all of the postures we did that day and many more.

The challenges of long hours of sitting at a desk are an issue for so many people of all ages and can be so beautifully addressed though yoga.  If you have ever been intimidated by yoga, I encourage you to check out this course.  Yoga does not need to be strenuous to be effective.  You do not need to be flexible or in good physical shape to begin a yoga practice.  Yoga can be highly effective at relieving back pain and stiffness, improving posture, improving mood and general disposition while giving you perhaps the most powerful stress management tools you will ever find.

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