Where is the place that health happens? I don’t mean the physical place, but rather the space/time moment where nothing else is possible but health.

Today I am inclined to say that healing is not something that we do or make happen. Healing or health happen when things line up.  Alignment. When things are aligned there is flow, communication, and a re-organization that is healing.

This concept of alignment as the environment that allows for health will be investigated in the next Explorations in Healing event on Monday February 12, 2018 at 7:15pm.

Come in person or join the call.  Bring your curiosity and interest in yourself, humanity and our world and lets see what happens.  Drop-in is $16 or use your Luminance Class card.  

A response to last week’s event-
“Laura has a gentleness about her that makes me feel safe and supported. I loved this event and felt immediate changes in my energy and my life. Thank You Laura for offering such a beautiful event.”  VH

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