How can we support health for our selves that also supports our entire world? How can we heal individually and collectively?  The truth is that there really is no other way than for our individual healing to affect the whole and for the healing of the collective to touch each individual.  In these turbulent times there is much frustration, fear and confusion about how to have an impact, how to help, how to live each day.  In my practice one of the things I see is how this sense of hopelessness, confusion and fear impacts people’s health and vitality.

I love the work that I have the good fortune to do with individuals to support them in finding not only health but also hope, clarity and confidence.  I am now happy to offer one hour group healings each week that explore the dynamic bridge between our individual healing and the healing of the whole.

This connection between each of us individually and the collective is alive all of the time.  Each time an individual clears up something previously unaddressed within themselves the waves of that clearing reach near and far.  This happens whether we are thinking about it or not.  I believe we can facilitate and speed the healing and evolution of human consciousness by giving it our conscious attention.

These sessions, however, are not about what I or any one of us believes.  They are about trying it out, exploring, playing with the possibilities and seeing what happens.  At worst nothing happens, at best we are all able to experience profound shifts into greater wholeness, oneness, truth, possibility, and authentic health.

Do you want to join me in this adventure?

Let’s gather together and open ourselves to this possibility for greater love within and around us.

The content of each session is guided by those participating.  We use what is up and present and alive for each of us as a catalyst for a shift.  Come exactly as you are.  We are not looking to be models of perfection but completely and fully human in every way that manifests.

Come in person or join the call.  Bring your curiosity and interest in yourself, humanity and our world and lets see what happens.  Find the next Exploration in Healing with Laura Washington ND on the Luminance website yoga page and class schedule.

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