Photo by Richard Meadows titled Luminance.

I recently began offering a weekly hour of group healing that I am calling Explorations in Healing.  I call it an exploration because the content of the hour is not pre-planned, but is guided by the participants and whatever is present for them in that moment.

Why?  What I frequently see in myself and the people I work with is a desire to “fix” something in their lives.  That something may be a health concern or it may be their work or home situation.  In searching for “the answer” to that issue there is a tendency to skip over what is right here, right in front of your face waiting to be fully seen and addressed.

Those of you who come in to work with me in my office know that I am focused on addressing the priority.  If I skip over the priority and try to attend to something else that you or I may think is more important then – well the results are just not there. The healing will be incomplete and there will either be no response or the response will be short lived and the issue will persist.  Finding the priority requires exploration.

These one hour group sessions are such an exploration.  I approach them with interest and curiosity of what might be possible rather than thinking I already know the next step or most effective path of what is or is not possible. There have been two Explorations in Healing so far and they have been very different from one another.

Last week it was beautiful to see each participant share a little about what they were feeling and thinking about at that moment and how their words touched the other participants.  The healing began instantly and it was not me “doing the healing”.  What do I do in these events?  I am calling myself the “facilitator”.  I ask questions and hold a space that  allows for supportive frequencies to create shifts towards wholeness.

Last week the space that I was guided to hold was one that allowed each participant to experience her own stunningly beautiful soul, to learn something about her own essence, and to get a clear message on how to move in her own life.

Afterwards one participant wrote “What a sweet gathering with a powerful message from my soul –“Live as if you know me!”  AS

Another participant came to the event wondering if there was a next step in cultivating her psychic abilities.  Afterwards she wrote:

“Thank you so much for last night’s session and for assisting with accessing my soul messages. This morning I was reflecting on the experience of having several downloads of information which I completely understood, but it was up to me to put them into human language….”  AT
The messages she received were profound truths that went far beyond the beliefs we most carry.  To further explore this process of receiving messages, she has decided to use me as a mentor – a step neither of us had expected.
All are welcome to join these Explorations in Healing.  You can join either in person at Luminance or by phone.  Follow this link to Sign Up for the next event Tuesday February 20th at 3:00 pm.  Once you have signed up you will receive an email with the call-in information.

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