Late February Snow, Portland, OR 2018


I want to get all of you wonderful people together.  In my practice I get to experience the joy of sharing authentically and talking about things that feel potent.  In these moments I often wish that you could each experience the brilliance and beauty of each other.  Now, you can and are!  This is what is happening in the weekly Explorations in Healing.  Do you know that you can tune in to these by phone?  In fact last week’s session was on a snowy day here in Portland and  ALL of the participants joined in by phone.

Some of the potent conversation of last week was around the topic of living in the present moment.  As participants shared what pulls them out of the present moment we found ourselves in a discussion about time.  One participant said she found herself obsessed with the passing of time and regrets.  Another that she found herself focused on age and aging and the things she wants to do before she dies.  She also mentioned how aware she felt of the marking of time.  Another shared how her experience of time was changing, becoming very fluid. And another brought up the challenge of living her very busy day to day life and exploring who she is in a spiritual sense.  She was wondering how to merge the growing of who she is and manage the everyday.

Through this discussion I imagined that our process together would focus on time, but it didn’t.  Instead it brought us to how observing brings us into the moment and that it really doesn’t matter what we are observing.  It doesn’t matter whether we are in meditation observing our breath, or on the sidelines of a child’s soccer game observing the nuances of movement on the field.  The freedom in this is that it doesn’t matter what you are doing – it is all spiritual.  Every moment is an opportunity to know more of who you are if you choose to be observant.

We followed our discussion with a guided process on observing what was right in front of us.  One participant shared her process of observing a tree outside her window and how the observing lead her to the essence – love.   Observing leading to love.  Perhaps life really is that simple.

Now back to my first paragraph and bringing you to each other to discover more of yourselves.  To join in on the next Exploration in Healing sign up here for Wednesday February 28th at 6:00 pm PST.  Once you Sign Up online you will receive an email with directions for calling in.  You can use your Luminance class package or $16.00 drop in.


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