Get Spherical

This Lumination guides you into a spherical rather than linear understanding of yourself, the world around you, and all that is.  In that, is the opportunity to live in the fullness of what is rather than the fear of what might be.

Washing Away Perceived Separation

This Lumination speaks to the heart’s longing for the dams of separation to be broken and the nourishment (the water in the dam metaphor) to be able to move freely, washing away perceived separation. This process works with the habits of the conscious mind which takes...

The Frequency of Wholeness

The natural resource offered here is the energy of spring – that upwelling energy pushing up to the surface and into vibrant color and activity.  The opportunity is provided to allow oneself to be held in that vibration of fullness, of wholeness, to be supported...

Fully Nourished

In this Lumination we explore the process of taking in nourishment, and how receiving nourishment and the state of fullness it creates protects from what is not nourishing and supportive.  Rest in your authentic power!

A Self Healing

We can choose to be with what is healthy and whole.  This is one of the theme’s of the Lumination from January 26th.  In it we are guided deeply into our bodies, to a space that is open to possibilities for healing beyond our current mental constructs.  We are also...

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