I talk frequently about the benefits of cleansing the body of impurities. Our bodies were designed with elegant systems for taking things in from our environment, processing them into nutrients that we can use, and eliminating the wastes. Unfortunately in our modern world we encounter more impurities then our body can keep up with.

The build-up of toxins in the body has been associated with many diseases including obesity. While the benefits of cleansing may mean prevention of some of these diseases, it has been shown time and time again to improve energy, mental clarity, sleep, and general sense of well-being.

What I sometimes forget is what might come to mind when the word “cleanse” is used. And while the concept may sound like a good idea – the prospect may be frightening.

When some hear the word “cleanse” they think “colon cleanse” and that they might have to keep themselves within easy access of the restroom. The cleanse I promote is not a colon cleanse, but a full body cellular cleanse. The process encourages the cells of the body to release toxins that it may be storing.

The second fear I encounter is ” I can’t go without eating”. Going without eating is not necessarily a cleanse but a fast and may defeat the purpose of ridding the body of impurities. How is that you ask? The body needs nutrients to accomplish its own natural detoxification processes. It is these processes that a cleanse should support. A body that is already nutrient deprived (from eating foods that are calorie rich and nutrient poor) may not be able to perform the function of detoxification which requires specific nutrients. So the most important part of the cleanse I promote is not what you take out, but what you put in.

Another fear is that the cleanser will feel weak and tired and unable to keep up with their busy schedule or regular exercise routine. Quite the contrary. Most people who do the nutritional cleanse that I promote in my office find that their energy increases – usually quite dramatically. Rather than feeling tired, they find they wake up in the morning easily, feeling well rested and have good clear energy through the day. Regarding muscle weakness – this is one of the reasons I switched to the nutritional cleansing program I now promote.

Until last year I used a program by a very well respected company that supplies products exclusively to physicians. I thought it was the absolute best. It was a three week cleansing program, and by the third week many cleansers mentioned that they were feeling muscle weakness. The muscle weakness means that they had begun to breakdown lean tissue. The program I now use is designed specifically to preserve or even build lean tissue – there is not typically any muscle wasting or weakness.

Another fear I encounter is the idea that you will have to take something that tastes really disgusting!!!! These nutritional cleansing products taste great! Really. Even kids like them. This is another reason that I switched to this product line is the great taste of the products and ease of the program make it really doable for anyone! This program allows you to enter where you are, eat the foods you like and are familiar with and still have great success. These products taste so great and feel so great in the body most cleansers want to make them a part of their ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, the program can be modified to meet your needs. This is why it is recommended that you work with a coach rather than doing the cleanse on your own. The coach will assess your needs and help you determine the approach to cleansing that meets you right where you are.

If this has helped to allay some of your fears then the next step is to contact me so I can help you choose the right plan for you and make sure you get the very best prices.

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