Here is a transcription from a small segment of the Lumination from October 13, 2020. The entire meditative process is available Here.

“The ideas that we have about our physical bodies, and the things that we believe we have to do in our day in our life, are all options, but actually, no more absolute than any other of the infinite possibilities that exist for us. It’s really kind of mind boggling if you let that settle in. The choices that are being made every moment of every day are actually choices. And our ideas of the kinds of choices we have is even likely very limited.  We might think, oh, there’s this option or that option. And again, there’s really infinite options for each moment. And we can choose an aliveness. 

In each moment, we can choose joy, and in that I don’t mean a sort of cheerful, bubbly, ecstatic joy, if that’s not your authentic experience, but that bubbling up of the joy of the heart in response to the moment that is. And when we’re not experiencing that, it’s because we’re resisting the moment. That is we’re thinking that it should in some way, be different, that it should be something else. It’s amazing to catch yourself in that moment, when you recognize that you’re choosing the constriction, you’re choosing the complication. You’re choosing the worry. And that in that moment, there is also a fluidity and openness in your own heart, a spaciousness, a graciousness. That is actually the reservoir of love of nourishment that is there for you in every moment and it’s actually so much easier to be in that rather than the state of resistance.

 Let it be like a game. There’s a moment of distress, the moment of tension, of argument of defensiveness of righteousness. And you can just ask is this really my truth right now? Is this the choice that I actually want to make right now. And in that moment you have given the constriction the opportunity to fall away from you. And then you are existing in that liveliness of your heart. Let your attention come more and more deeply into you into this pool of your heart with a courageousness. To go further and further, even if it seems like you’re going into a void into an unknown. Not knowing for how long, not knowing when it will open up into something recognizable. As we practice this for ourselves, we are learning this way of being, this way of actually thriving in this unknown space, recognizing that we can’t make this happen in our timeline. It has its own. 

As each of us cultivates this capacity, to be with joy in the moment, that frequency state becomes available to more and more people. It becomes the norm. It goes from being something that perhaps only a few could accomplish in a lifetime, to something that becomes the experience for most of us, and eventually all of us. That happens because of each one of us, incrementally holding that state of the moment, and of joy and wonder in that moment.  We don’t need to preach about it, we don’t need to tell other people they should be doing it, as tempting as that is. We cultivate this for ourselves. Because we can, because it is here with us. Because our life is pointing us in that direction, by giving us fewer and fewer other options, fewer options to escape. Fewer options to hide our heads in the sand…” Laura Washington, ND

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