This Lumination includes an exercise of lengthening your breath in a way that brings your awareness into your own heart with an interest in what it has to share with you.  The process encourages you to let your heart be your guide.  As you stay with yourself in this way aspects that are not in alignment with the truth of you will fall away and let the larger you be present and express.  

These seem like complicated times with so many big things going on that are a lot to digest.  In this Lumination is support in inhabiting your body so that more of your energy is available for you to use as a resource.  Inhabiting the body leads to clarity in the given moment – which might be different tomorrow and different than next week because things are changing that fast. 

The process of this Lumination supports a re-discovering that your heart is trustworthy. That you can live in and from your heart.

Here is the link to the re-mastered recording
Becoming More of Who You Are

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