I see so many people in my naturopathic practice who I feel could benefit from yoga but the minute they hear the word something  goes off in their brain that says “I  can’t do yoga”.  The reasons they have might be that they feel they are not strong enough or flexible enough or disciplined enough to do yoga.  I want to bust that myth.

In the classes I teach I like to emphasize having a clear focus for the mind on observing and being present with the body and the self.  When this alignment is found the patterns of illness or imbalance that are holding ill health in place simply fall away because our energy that is holding it in place is no longer there.

By bringing our attention one pointedly to something other than what we may perceive as a problem that needs to be fixed or addressed, the holding patterns fall away and something else emerges in the body.  What emerges is health – wholeness.  The biggest releases in my body, such as a pain in the neck, will happen when I am sitting still or resting with an inward focus rather than from purposefully stretching or strengthening the area.

I thought I would share the inner focus that I have been teaching in my yoga classes this week  to demonstrate that there is no physical ability needed at all to do yoga and that the focus of the mind can be so much more powerful than physical activity.  Here is a link to the recording.  Enjoy!

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