As I continue my way through what feels like a thick fog of working with technology, today I am celebrating a triumph.  I now have a YouTube channel and have uploaded my first yoga video.  

The class is from last Monday evening.  It begins with a little workshop on upper arm bone and thigh bone awareness to bring clarity and integrity to your postures – including downward facing dog and chair pose.

YouTube Class Link

Enjoy this class when joining me for a live online class doesn’t fit your schedule.

I continuing to offer seven-weekly live online yoga classes from my home to yours.  Details can be found on the Luminance Yoga Page.

I find this time of change to be so filled with potential. I experience it as a time to become very clear and connected to our own heart’s truth and guidance.  It is from this place that I offer these classes.  I truly hope that they support you on your path.

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